By signing up in store you can get a membership card, this card will grant you access to a 5% discount on what we call 'essential' items, such as paints, sprays, Games Workshop books and a lot more.

To get this special price you must either buy in store or chose collect in store during checkout.

There are a few general conditions of membership:

  • You must present your card when claiming the discount in store.
  • When shopping online your account is limited to selecting collect in store, to have an order delivered you must create a second account that does not have membership.
  • Your email address will be added to our membership mailing list, this is used a couple of times a month, it will be used for important updates, store events etc.
  • You must not opt out of this mailing list, if you do so your membership will be cancelled, its important that we are able to contact you.
  • Occasionally, for example store birthdays, special promotions or events are only available to members, you will only get your invite through email.

Being a member also allows you to use our gaming facilities, in particular the gaming room and access to the calendar, both of which come with specific conditions.

  • You must present your card when entering the gaming room.
  • You must not bring alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol while in the gaming room.
  • While you can use the gaming room to chat and meet with friends (providing they are also members) we ask you give priority to those gaming or hobbying, and if space becomes limited you give the space up.
  • You should maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, failure to do this on occasion will result in being promoted to use deodorant, failure to do this repeatedly and frequently will result in membership forfeit.
  • Book your table here.
  • Booking a game on the calendar should be treated with common sense and courtesy, keep to the format stated during the process, this is a public calendar and misuse will not be accepted.
  • Be on time for booked games, if you are going to be late make sure you inform your opponent and if you are both going to be late, make sure you inform the store.
  • If you need to cancel the game, you must cancel it on the calendar as well, if you don't a strike will be placed on your access, and 3 strikes mean you wont be able to book games.
  • If you haven't booked a game but the chance arises and the tables are available, you are free to use them, let a member of staff know and book the table immediately, so others who see the open space on the calendar don't waste their time.

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