Blood Angels Upgrade Pack

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Blood Angels Upgrade Pack

Blood Angels Upgrade Pack

A proud Space Marine Chapter of the First Founding, the Blood Angels fight both to protect the Imperium, and to protect themselves from their own hidden failings. Though they are amongst the best, most heroic warriors Mankind has ever known, they harbour a terrible inner darkness - a gene-curse that gradually reduces them to raving, blood-mad beasts as the years grind against their souls. Before they descend into that fate, however, they will exact such a toll on their enemies that their names will live forever.

Totally compatible with all existing multi-part Space Marine kits, this upgrade pack contains a sprue of amazing parts for Blood Angels fans. Twenty parts are included, featuring the following:

- Ten Blood Angel Shoulder Pads
- One Blood Angel Sergeant Bare Head
- Three Blood Angel Sergeant/Captain Helmets
- One Blood Chalice assembly
- Two Blood Angel Chest fronts
- One Blood Angel Combat Knife
- Two Blood Angel Back Icons

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£10.00 £8.50

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