Black Powder Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

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Black Powder Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

Black Powder Prussian Landwehr Cavalry

Renowned for its excellent infantry under Frederick the Great, Prussia also fielded highly effective Prussian cavalry on 19th?century European battlefields.

Formed in 1813, the?Landwehr?Cavalry was a huge force of mounted trained militia, similar in form to their infantry counterparts. The force was a massive asset to the Prussian war machine as they totalled over thirty regiments by the Hundred Days Campaign.

The?Landwehr?cavalry wore dark blue?Litewka?long coat with collars and cuffs in provincial colours. Headgear was a mix of traditional?feldmutze?cap and shakos – often in oilskin and with a white cross painted on. Lance pennons could vary and often reflected the uniform trim halved with white, but by the time of Waterloo all?Landwehr?cavalry had swapped to the standard black and white pennons.

The lance-armed?Landwehr?cavalry fought well on the field, comprising some 40% of Blu?cher’s cavalry at Waterloo – a great excuse to field lots of these brave sons of Prussia on the tabletop!


• 12 Warlord Resin Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr cavalry (including officer and bugler)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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